The inexperienced young man oils Rachel Starr by the pool

Rachel Starr and a friend decided to indulge their sexy bodies in a spa. It was a wonderful day. A morning walk in the beautiful park, a sauna, and a bath and massage are planned for the evening. Here comes the cherished moment: a young man, under the guidance of a muscular manager, oils Rachel Starr by the pool. It’s a wonderful feeling. And these young men are strong, but still a little awkward, and their hands keep sliding over the hot body of the guest, pressing on the most sensitive points. Well, the spa treatments are over and it’s time for bed. The body breaks nicely and Rachel decides to have some privacy in her room. But her tranquility is disturbed by the knock on the door – the manager she saw last night. He decided to apologize for his employee. According to him, the intern did not give a quality massage. The manager decides to blunt her back so that the guest understands the difference between a pro and an intern. But it didn’t come with a massage