Rachel Starr wants to take a vacation, so she’s willing to ride a man for it.

Rachel Starr really wants a vacation that she hasn’t been on for three years. But her husband is a full-time employee and can’t spare the time. Plus, he’s a city guy and he doesn’t really want to rest in camping conditions and admire the starry sky. Rachel Starr is prepped for amateur sex, and she would do anything to get her husband to agree. She decided to start with a blowjob, sprained her fly, took out his dick and sucked on it, and then they went on the couch, and she just kept satisfying him with her mouth. After showing her love, Rachel climbed on top of her husband and rode him in different positions, even using the coronal circular movement. When her husband poisoned her with cancer, she realized that he was on the verge of ending up in Rachel’s mouth, and the two of them got what they wanted.