Rachel Starr is a plumber boyfriend , complaining about his wife and having sex

An old friend of Rachel Starr – plumber Mike’s decided to share his family issues with her as a friend, and Rachel, as a real friend, is offering to relieve stress by having sex.

Busty milf Rachel Starr lives alone. She lacks male attention, affection, and hard sex. The only friend she has is Mike. He used to help her fix the plumbing, and now he comes to her for personal comfort. Rachel is tired of hearing about his troubled wife and decides this time not only to console Mike, but also to please herself by having passionate, animal sex with him in the kitchen.

It’s hard to be faithful to your wife when Rachel’s already reaching for your cock with her hot mouth. All Mike has to do is let go of the situation, forget about his wife, and have fun.

Actors: rachel starr