Dr Rachel Starr showed me how to take you to the medical office

Dr. Rachel Starr is back on her blog, this time in the medical office, and Rachel has prepared herself and put on the doctor’s amazing erotic underwear. Undressing during the reception, displays his body on camera, wriggles on the couch like a snake. Rachel decided to show you what was in the doctor’s box, and she got this really important healing thing. The vibrator was very helpful. Without finding the oil, Rachel tried to smear herself with alcohol, and she burned her pussy. Busty Milf Rachel Starr solved the problem.She decides to have a little fun with a new toy, the vibrator stimulates the clitoris, then caresses herself into ecstasy. The vibrator also came in handy for her anus. And after Rachel didn’t have much of him, she decided to use a toy and fingers at the same time.